I Love You. You’re a Star!

I love gazing at the stars with the kids.

It feels like forever since we’ve had the chance to do so. The kids are normally off in dreamland after being sprinkled with cosmic dust before the stars begin to twinkle. It’s daylight savings time here for another month before the sun will start to set earlier. Maybe then we’ll have a chance to put the rug out on the lawn and stare at the Milky Way. We love watching for shooting stars, finding the saucepan and the Southern Cross and talking about the galaxy and constellations.


On another tangent completely, when we arrived at school this morning my son, who is in reception, found out he was to be the ‘star of the day.’ It’s his first turn this year and being the star carries with it a great deal of responsibility and privilege. The ‘star’ also has a helper who assists them with their duties. The ‘star of the day’ may as well be called ‘teacher’s dogsbody’ or ‘slave’ but to my son he was as close to feeling like the master of the universe as he ever will. His little chest puffed up with pride and it’s the first time this year I’ve had to ask for a kiss and hug before I leave.

In the end I think it’s all about perspective. He’s a star if only for a day in the classroom but he’ll always be a star to me. He’s the brightest star shining in my galaxy. I’m there to make sure he understands that and I hope one day he’ll hold me in the same regard.

Reach up my twinkle, twinkle, little star. Remember I love you even if you can’t quite reach them.

When was the last time you stargazed? Too long? Maybe you can tonight when the moon orbits into your part of the world.

Image from: here.

9 thoughts on “I Love You. You’re a Star!

  1. Loved your post! When I was a kid my brother and I eagerly waited for that time around the 10th of august when you get lots of shooting stars. We usually were at our grandmother’s house at that time so the perfect darkness of the mountains always granted a fantastic show. Now we both live in highly light-polluted cities (London and Milan) and we often are at work most of august… you reminded me I must call him and organise a shooting-star-gazing trip for this summer 🙂 thank you!

    • Thanks for sharing that date. I must put it in my diary for the kids for this year. We are lucky to live in a valley in a suburban area but over our back fence is farming/rural properties so no street lights or headlights to speak of. Like your grandmother’s it’s pitch black and gives us a perfect view of the Milky Way on a clear night. I would give my right arm to see London or Milan (or both) but I do love where we live. I don’t think I could give up the starry nights to live in any city permanently. I hope you and your brother get to see the show this August. Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and leaving such a lovely reply.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how little boys want to be the biggest helpers? I don’t know about girls (I only have boys), but it seems to me that if they can help out, and get praise for it, their little chests puff up with pride at a job well done. Now if I can cultivate that through the teen years, THAT will be an accomplishment!

    • I’m so sorry, Lynette. I just realised I didn’t respond to your comment on this post earlier. Yes, the teen years will be the biggest test. In my ‘I Still Love You’ post I made the remark that I’ll probably be trying to remove their butts from the couch with a BBQ scraper once they hit double figues and onwards.

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