I Love You Big Fella

valentines We interrupt your normal programming schedule to bring you a post about love of another kind. Rest assured, we’ll return you to your regular broadcast tomorrow.

For those of you who have been kind enough to visit my blog, like a post or comment you would already know that all my posts are about my love for my children. If this is your first time visit, this post is not my normal subject as I’ve just suggested.

Today I’d like to share a snippet about my husband. I love him, as I do my children, just differently of course.

When I woke up this morning there were flowers and a card waiting for me on the kitchen bench. I went to flick the kettle on and there was a sticky note on the kitchen blind which was still shut at 6am. The note simply said, ‘I Love You When….’. I opened the blind and there was another note on the window that said, ‘you get a surprise.’ Because it was still dark outside I thought that was the surprise. It wasn’t until the kids were up and I started opening all the curtains and blinds that I looked straight at this massive banner outside our kitchen window.

I was stunned. Hubby knows me so well and realises how much this blogging stuff means to me. He reads all my posts, helps with ideas, is my talking dictionary and my No 1 supporter. As I type now, he sits beside me silently hoping that my laptop and I may soon part company, if only for a little while. The occasional deep sigh comes from the seat beside me. My recent endeavour has taken chunks of time that we would normally share. Even if it’s only to sit in companionable silence and relax after the kids have been tucked in.

I loved my gift almost as much as I love him.

My banner beats a box of chocolates any day in my book.

Luv ya, babe. xoox



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