I Love You Shorty

shortyShort and sweet, I love you.

As my youngest fast approaches being the same height as his older brother it is becoming clear to the eldest that he is not going to be a ‘tall grown-up’. He is on the smaller side compared to some of his classmates. I hear your cries, ‘don’t compare your child to others.’ The problem lies herein. I have no issues with his somewhat lack of vertical development. My son has begun to notice that he doesn’t measure up in the….well….measuring department.

We have conversations about differences between people. Eye, hair and skin colour, where people live, what we eat, etc. Maybe I can sprinkle some magic growth dust on him as he sleeps or have him think tall thoughts. It doesn’t matter to me one iota how tall me may end up. I know I’d rather not give him the standard line that good things come in small packages. I’d just like him to be ‘okay’ with who he is and hopefully not blame ‘Mum’s genes’ for his stature in the height ratings.

I mean I love him just the way he is. I hope he will learn to love himself the way he is over the years with my help.

That’s my short, sharp and shiny post for today.

The long and short of it…I love you short stuff!

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4 thoughts on “I Love You Shorty

  1. Some of the most famous actors/business men in the world are short. If mum genes are on the shorter side perhaps he can find a mentor or someone to emulate there? Besides, you keep saying it “I Love You” and he will believe it. .

    • Great idea! Tall doesn’t equal success. I think it’s a human disposition to want to change something about yourself even if you are unable to. I will make sure his height doesn’t stop him from doing what he wants (except maybe NBA star). I love you is a phrase used daily in our home so it should be ingrained in his 5 yo brain.

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