I Love You in the Shower

showerI love my shower and my kids-just not together.

When the kids were smaller I’d share a shower with them. They’d happily play with a few toys on the floor and we were saving water. Now that they take up quite substantially more room I almost have to do a rain dance around them to actually get any water on my body.

The boys shower together now and I get to enjoy my 4 minutes in solitude-occasionally.

With hubby having already left for work on weekdays, I used to make a grand announcement in the morning when I was heading off to the bathroom for my daily cleanse. I’ve learned the hard way that this is like giving the kids a license to run amock. Now I sneak off and try and squeeze it in before a major calamity takes place.

It’s amazing what can happen in the time it takes to wash. A friend’s child once put a small tin suitcase in the microwave while she was in the shower. A new microwave was on the shopping list that day after it blew up. The worst we’ve had is my toilet-training two year old go to the toilet while I was indisposed. That part wasn’t an issue. It was the fact that he couldn’t pull his pants up so he decided to draw all over his bum with permanent red texta.

I don’t need a shower timer to limit my water usage. I have two munchkins who may have multiple needs in that 4 minute period. During showers I have opened containers, wiped bums, applied bandaids and put toys back together.

My only saving grace is the shower sabbatical. On Saturday or Sunday I will delight in using more than my fair share of suds. I’ll scrub, exfoliate, shave, cleanse and rinse. The door is locked and no-one dare enter. When I step out into the haze, all wrinkly and prune-like, I feel ready to take on the world. There’s normally noises on the other side of the door. As I get ready to release the steam and invite in the peace-enders I’m confident I can last until next weekend for my next hiatus.

Showering on my own one day of the week is mandatory-singing is optional.

I’ll lather now and love the kids later.

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2 thoughts on “I Love You in the Shower

  1. I sooo get this. Ive gotten so I take showers at night now, after the kids go to sleep or before they get up in the morning. Otherwise, Ive seen piles of food all over the kitchen “trying to make breakfast” or all the books taken out of their bookcase because they were building a fort. It’s a mess! Enjoy your pruney time on the weekend… you deserve it.

    • Thanks for sharing. It’s great to know that my kids are not unique! The eyes-still-closed shower for me finds me asking myself later in the day, ‘did I actually take a shower this morning?’The already-yawning evening shower means I am doing my hair all nice and pretty ready to go to bed. I hope you get some temporary water wrinkles on the weekend too. Thanks again for reading and commenting. Kelly.

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