I Love You All the Time

No matter what time it is, I love you.heart clock

I truly love you at:

  • bed time
  • quiet time
  • cuddle time

I really love you at:

  • school time
  • bath time
  • reading time
  • home time

I do love you at:

I still love you at:

  • meltdown time
  • no-patience-left time.

I read a quote somewhere the other day about the days being long but the years all-too-short. I’m determined to try and cram as much love into each and every day for my kids. It won’t be long before it will fall on deaf ears or be rebutted during the teenage revolt. My aim is for them to know in their heart of hearts that I love them all the time even when they may dislike me or the choices I make for them.

There’s no time to waste so I’m on a mission to love my boys all the time.

Photo from: here.


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