I Love You Roaring

rawr-means-i-love-youI love my boys when they’re roaring around the house.

More often than not my boys can be found running around like wild things after school. It’s like they’ve missed each other so much and the only way that they can possibly show it is to roar, growl, snort, and screech at each other.

Sometimes I will attempt to soothe the savage beasts with carnivore delights or delay the inevitable by stopping at a local playground on the way home. Unfortunately whatever tactics I employ nothing seems to stop them from behaving like animals. It’s almost ritualistic in its nature and needs to be completed before normality is restored.

This time of the afternoon can become quite draining on my patience resources. Generally the noise will come to an end naturally or when one of the creatures has been mortally wounded and needs five bandaids. The only other ways that a battle may come to an abrupt end is if the Mummyosaurus lets out a ginormous roar or the big daddy T-Rex comes stomping in the door.

I wish there could be a little less dinosaur love and a bit more brotherly love in our Jurassic cave.

I love my little Velociraptors but it would be nice if their ritual became extinct.

Image from: here.


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