I Love You In The Kitchen

cooking with kids

I love cooking and baking with my kids in the kitchen.

Spending time creating culinary delights with my boys is something I enjoy doing. My eldest is not so keen anymore unless bribery is involved. A comment from me like, ‘you can’t have any chocolate caramel slice unless you come and help make it,’ will generally see him make a beeline for the bench. My youngest is only too willing but lacks the basic understanding necessary to keep his fingers out of the food.

I try hard to ensure that we have germ-free goodies and that the licking of the spoon and bowl at the end is when you get to taste the treat, not during. Temptation proves too great for Master 2 and he is often caught in the act of popping portions into his pie hole or with his mitts in the mixture before we are done. He loves to sift, stir, mix, blend, pour, measure and weigh. ‘Next time me do,’ is his response if I try and actually do some of the cooking myself. It’s like I’m his Sous Chef not the other way around.

Having the boys help has other drawbacks too. The fairness issue comes into play when they are both being mini Masterchefs. Who has had a longer turn with the electric beater is a common complaint or who measured and added the most cups to the bowl. Then there’s the clean up of the flour on the floor and the crumbs on the counter. No. 1 will make an early exit while No.2 will wait at the sink for suds.

Lately I’ve had to bake or cook a variety of things for different occasions. Sometimes they’re on short order so I sneak off to the kitchen when I hope noone’s looking. I figure if I can manage to get part way through before I’m joined by one of my apprentices then I can shorten the length of time neccessary to complete the process. Whipping up a dip becomes a pain if they want to puree. I don’t want to discourage them-it just takes that much longer when they’re loitering.

One of the kids’ favourites is sultana and cornflake cookies which I recently made for a school fundraiser.  A double batch of bikkies was required so we would have some left at home for my kids to crunch. We add dried apricots and a small amount of chocolate bits to the receipe. We also reduce the sugar stated in the recipe by half because the extra fruit and chocolate makes them sweeet enough. Head over to here if you’d like the recipe.

I do enjoy baking biscuits and making muffins with them. I’ll continue to encourage my boys to be involved particularly when there’s no rush (despite the mess they make) so that hopefully they will be self-sufficient in the sustenance department in later years.

I do love cooking with my children.


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