I Love You No Matter What

lollies snakes and jelly beans

Recently my little guy has taken a liking to the word ‘what’.

‘What’s this?’
‘What’s that?’
‘What you doing?’
‘What’s this for?’
‘What’s inside?’
Or just the plain, garden variety, ‘What?
I won’t even go into the where’s, when’s and who’s right now.

The most amusing of the what’s is ‘what’s inside?’ How do you explain to a near 3 y.o. what’s inside a jelly bean or a lolly snake? Other humorous questions relate to what’s inside the body wash we use in the shower, tennis balls and poo.

As tedious as it becomes to hear that word by the end of the day and trying to explain the unexplainable I try and keep my patience and do my best to describe as succinctly as I can what it is exactly that he’s trying to fathom. I guess I should thank myself lucky we’re not up to the ‘why’s’ yet. They’re probably just around the corner though so I’ll take the ‘what’s’ while I can.

I love helping my little guy solve the ‘what’ mysteries in his ever-expanding world even if it means talking about poo!


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