I Love You in the Morning

coffee before the kids get upGood morning world and hello coffee!

Actually, I won’t start the day off with a lie. I really drink tea. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Anyway I’m going to keep this short but sweet as I’ve noticed my entries getting longer each time I post. Plus my two monkeys will be up shortly and an uninterrupted cuppa is a purely heavenly way to start the day and happens very rarely.

So if you’re reading this while you’re having your morning sabbatical you’ll probably have time to check out some other blog posts before you get to the end of this one. Or maybe enjoy the serenity before your kids surface. I hope you’re lucky this morning.

I hear a toilet flushing. The morning has officially started. I’m off now to skull the rest of my tea before it goes cold and get the toaster cranking.

I love my kids in the morning but I love that brief rendezvous with my tea mug just a smidge more. Until tomorrow………………………

Photo from: here.


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