I Still Love You

boy jumpingFrom the moment you wake up, after rubbing the sleep from your eyes and a stretch not dissimilar to that of an African lion, you are on the move.

I admire the unbridled enthusiasm and the limitless energy you possess for the day ahead. You aim to make the most of all of it. You get to run, play, jump, skip, create, make and talk your way through it. It’s tiring watching you sometimes. I wish I had your exuberance. I wish I had your job. All I need to remember is to pause for an instant, a moment or maybe even two to watch you. To take some time out of my busy life to join you as you play your way through the day and see the world from your perspective. From your viewpoint it’s, ‘what do I want to do next?’ not ‘what do I have to do next?’

Sometimes I’d like you to be still. I’m not complaining because it won’t be long before I’ll be trying to separate your rear end from the couch with the barbecue scraper and encourage you to be more active. And like any other mum I’ll probably be quoting George Bernard Shaw saying, ‘youth is wasted on the young.’

I still love you even though you’ve got a neverending case of ants-in-your-pants and I’ll still love you even when the bugs bite less often.

Photo from: here.


2 thoughts on “I Still Love You

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  2. Pingback: I Love You From Your Fingers to Your Toes | Free Little Words

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