I Love You Through Thick and Thin

fridge magnets

Why is it that my boys love the fridge almost as much as I love them?

As we transition to another stockpiling phase at my place, I may entertain the notion of placing my youngest’s pillow on the 2nd shelf of the fridge. He needs to eat within minutes of waking, is in the fridge or pantry on a continuous basis throughout the day and is then placing his 3 course breakfast order as he closes his eyes at night time. He’s even been caught red handed with the contents of the biscuit jar under the dining room table. Like I won’t see him under there!

I know this phase will come to an end soon enough and then I’ll be worried as he rejects every food related substance. He’ll be busy growing then so I guess I’ll be able to rethink the child locks on all food storage items.

I know future eating frenzies will become longer and I should be thankful I’m not up to the teenage stage yet. I’ll love my boys through thick and thin even when the fridge is empty the day after shopping.


3 thoughts on “I Love You Through Thick and Thin

  1. It sounds like he is undergoing a major growth spurt! When I see my boys pile it on, I worry if I will be able to afford to feed them by the time they become teens. Of course, my older one in particular can also go a whole day and barely eat a thing.

    • My sincere apologies for the very late reply. Still getting the hang of this blogging caper.
      I think our food bill is going to be comparable with our mortgage in future years. They worry me though if they don’t eat too. Like they will fade away if they don’t eat enough.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post.

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