I Love You, Peanut

Peanuts snoopy

There are several ‘terms of endearment’ that I use with my two boys. The most frequently used one is peanut.

Call me corny but I had to include the reference to Peanuts, the comic strip, in this post (I was a Snoopy fan as a kid). My relationship with my kids, at times, resembles that of Snoopy and Woodstock’s-they are an unusual duo but best of friends.

The use of the word peanut is not limited to being used in an endearing way, e.g. ‘I love you, peanut.’ It’s also used in a manner which suggests they are acting like a peanut. The derivative ‘nut’ is also used. ‘You’re nuts’ and ‘you’re driving me nuts’ feature ocassionally.

I’ll write more about terms of endearment in future posts. In the meantime I’d love to hear from you. What words do you use to express your sentiments to your kids?


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